Approximately 80 people who play Alphorn and/or who have mastered the art of flag throwing, another of Switzerland's traditions, are active members of the AMICAL, an association which promotes the Alp horn.

For more information, please contact:

AMICAL - Alphorn players of Valais
Olivier Vuignier, chairperson
Route de Champlan 8
1965 Savièse
E-mail : Olivier Vuignier

Elisabeth Floh Müller, vice-chairperson
Biel 9
3984 Fiesch
E-mail : Elisabeth Floh Müller

Gabriel Cajeux, secretary
Route du Chavalard 97
1926 Fully
E-mail : Gabriel Cajeux

Moreover, AMICAL affiliated ensembles may be contacted to play on special events.

Alphorn ensembles and Alphorn manufacturers of the Valais (PDF)

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